Rockt Punch Shortcake Stunner Ejuice


Shortcake Stunner Ejuice by Rockt Punch fires a stunning dart of flavor straight to your taste buds! Feast on this warm and freshly baked strawberry shortcake eliquid, complete with a layer of whipped cream and sweet strawberry sauce drizzled on top! Indulge in this sweet and creamy dessert e-juice that your taste buds are craving! Brand: Rockt Punch / Bottle Size: 120ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Sweets Rockt Punch Shortcake Stunner Ejuice Description Stun your taste buds with a shot of this deliciously fierce and berry-licious flavor of freshly baked strawberry shortcake e-juice! Each puff of this decadent eliquid brings plumes of succulent summer strawberries stuffed into a thick and creamy shortcake. A radiant sunset settles over a field of strawberries and casts the soft hue of evening twilight on each berry, infusing each berry with the lush and juicy flavor of summer. These decadent berries are hauled in by the truckload, rinsed and patted dry, and sliced into fat slices. Next, a thick and creamy cake batter is whipped to fluffy perfection, sending out warm and sweet scents of sweet cream, calming vanilla, pure cane sugar, and soft butter. This magnifiscent cake is baked until golden brown and once cool, is layered with a thick coating of freshly whipped cream. A handful of strawberry slices are stuffed in the center of the cake and covered with more whipped cream, ensuring a surprise burst of strawberry flavor is in every bite. The entire strawberry shortcake is drizzled with a thick stream of freshly mixed strawberry compote, covering the cake with a sweet and sticky red glaze that your taste buds will go crazy to try! Indulge in this sinfully sweet eliquid and treat your taste buds to a rich and flavorful dessert vape juice that has yet to meet its match, compliments of Shortcake Stunner Ejuice by Rockt Punch!