RYPE Tropical Strawberry Ejuice


Flavor Description Tropical Strawberry Ejuice by RYPE Ejuice has been one of the most sought-after fruit flavored ejuices in the entire vaping industry. It??????s a luau in your vape tank and your clouds are invited! Celebrate the fruits of the islands, with tangy pineapples, freshly cracked coconuts, and ruby red strawberries! Your vape taste buds may never leave the island! Bottle Size: 120ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Fruit Full Flavor Description What makes Tropical Strawberry Ejuice by RYPE so great? Staying true to its name, RYPE e-juice has squeezed the very best flavor into each bottle, ensuring you get a bold blast of sweet and ripe fruits in every cloud. With Tropical Strawberry, of course, there will be thick chunks of fresh sliced strawberries infused throughout your clouds. But as an added bonus, two other fruits come into the mix that compliments this sunkissed strawberry heaven perfectly! Tart and tangy pineapples deliver a powerful punch of sweet fruit flavor in every cloud, while freshly cracked island coconuts roll with supremely rich sweetness in every puff! When all these fruits mingle together, a true masterpiece is born! Pick up a bottle of Tropical Strawberry by RYPE, and let the crisp clean flavor of the finest island fruits wash over you in heaping sweet-scented clouds! RYPE has created a flavor above the rest and strives to create ultimate satisfaction with every puff. RYPE needs no introduction; for gentle yet foreboding sweet flavor that satisfies your insatiable fruit cloud cravings, snag a bottle today and keep your tank brimming with strawberry, coconut, and pineapple clouds, compliments of Tropical Strawberry Ejuice by RYPE!