SDMH Cake Ejuice


Cake eJuice by SDMH brings a warm and freshly baked slice of vanilla cake smothered with sticky vanilla frosting. Its your not birthday but were gonna party like it is. Enjoy a party in your tank, and Since no birthday party is complete without dessert, satisfy those sinfully sweet sugar cravings with vanilla frosted sponge cake clouds! SDMH Cake Ejuice Details Brand: SDMH Type: Ejuice Bottle Size: 60ML Ratio: 70/30 Flavor: Dessert Its your not birthday but were gonna party like it is, thanks to this scrumptious dessert e-liquid from SDMH! Since no birthday party is complete without cake, weve crafted a truly marvelous e-liquid that will have your taste buds dancing with glee! We start out with a thick and fluffy golden butter cake, spongey and soft and full of sweet flavor. The batter is whipped up from softened butter, several cups of pure cane sugar, and just the right amount of vanilla extract. Cold creamy milk is stirred in, along with freshly whipped eggs, to create a sweet and sticky cake batter. The fluffy cake batter is poured into a cake pan and gently placed in the oven, where it bakes to a heavenly golden brown. After the cake has completely cooled, now the real fun can begin! A rich and flavorful vanilla frosting has been crafted from pure cane sugar, exotic Tahitian vanilla, and fluffy egg whites. This decadent frosting is smeared thickly all over the cake, coverering every inch of the cake in a smooth vanilla frosting that makes your mouth water. What are you waiting for? Grab your knife and cut yourself a thick slice of this freshly baked and decadent vanilla frosted cake ejuice! Every cloud that spews from your lips coats your taste buds with the moist and flavorful dessert vape juice that is impossible to put down! Celebrate your un-birthday every day with this delightful vanilla cake vape juice, compliments of Cake eJuice by SDMH!