SDMH Fiya Ejuice


Fiya eJuice by SDMH brings your fruit cravings to its knees, thanks to this delicious combination of juicy guava, fresh pears, and fuzzy peaches! Your favorite fruits unite in one glorious cloud of fresh fruit goodness, so quench your thirst for some exotic fruit flavor. This vape juice is on fire, and your taste buds will be too, once they sample the rich and flavorful fruit goodness in every cloud! SDMH Fiya Ejuice Details Brand: SDMH Type: Ejuice Bottle Size: 60ML Ratio: 70/30 Flavor: Fruit Three succulent fruits roll around in the clouds of this delicious e-liquid; can your taste buds pick out each one? We start out with an exotic Colombian favorite: juicy guava! This fascinating fruit gets plucked at the peak of ripeness, each smooth green fruit hacked in two to reveal the rich pink flesh within! The guava slices are carved into cubes and rolled in pure cane sugar, ensuring a delicious taste of sweetness with every bite. Next, we have smooth and grainy dAnjou pears. These fruits were hand-picked, each one inspected for the perfect softness and color. The pears are then sliced into thick wedges, ensuring nothig is wasted. The pear wedges are stuffed into the 60mL bottle you see before, offering nothing but the finest flavor for your taste buds. Lastly, we have Georgia peaches, the pride of the south! These fuzzy fruits are cut into thick slices, the peach juice dripping from every wedge. Sweet and sticky peach juice dribbles down your fingertips and makes your taste buds sing with just a single drop of fresh peach juice. All of these fruits come together to form a succulent fruit juice that with both set your taste buds aflame and quench your thirst for something sweet! Enjoy a riveting blend of fruits, featuring juicy guava, ripe pears, and sweet peaches in every cloud, also known as Fiya by SDMH!