SDMH Lit Ejuice


Lit eJuice by SDMH delivers a delicious pineapple cloud experience like youve never had before! So many flavor mix in other fruits that overtake that pineapple flavor youve been craving, but no more! Now you can enjoy the sweet scents of tangy pineapple in every cloud! SDMH Lit Ejuice Details Brand: SDMH Type: Ejuice Bottle Size: 60ML Ratio: 70/30 Flavor: Fruit Are you ready for a bold and singular flavor of juicy pineapples thats ready to take your breath away with a single puff? Take your taste buds to a delightful island adventure, where fresh pineapples abound in every cloud! Its the vacation of a lifetime, and your taste buds are booked on a one-way trip to paradise. Close your eyes and feel the refreshing island breeze brush your face and inhale deeply of the sweet pineapple fruit from the trees. Reach out and pluck a fat and prickly pineapple from the branches, the fresh pineapple scent making your taste buds cry out with desire. Hack into the ripe fruit to reveal the juicy yellow flesh within, the pineapple juice coating your fingers with sticky sweetness. Carve yourself an entire bowlful of succulent pineapple chunks, the hot island sun gleaming off of each piece of fruit! If youre a fan of the real thing, youll fall in love with this authentic pineapple ejuice flavor. Enjoy a smooth and tangy cloud of delicious pineapple goodness, so real youll think youre on a vacation of flavor. Keep your taste buds happy with the tart and tangy taste of freshly picked pineapples, all made possible by Lit eJuice from SDMH!