Simple E-Cool Blackberry Blueberry Grape Menthol Ejuice


Blackberry Blueberry Grape Menthol Ejuice y Simple E-Cool delivers a plethora of frozen fruits in a single cloud! Icy grapes gush forth with cooling sweetness, while arctic blueberries bring a chilly sweetness to your clouds. A freezing wave of frozen blackberries completes this chilling cloud, giving you all the mentholated fruits your taste buds could ever want. Bottle Size: 60ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Fruits Full Flavor Description Beat your taste buds black and blue with this delicious fruit-flavored eliquid, featuring frosty berries and chilly grapes galore! Frolick through a field of blackberries, the first winter frost settled gently on every bramble. The icy berries are just waiting to be plucked, each fat orb bursting with chilly blackberry sweetness. Next, we have a close cousin to the icy blackberry, an arctic blueberry. These plump berries were once the delight of summer, but thanks to a blisteringly cold wind, each berry now lays frozen on the bush. Take care to guard your fingertips against the bitter cold as you fill your tank with this icy sweetness! But theres a final frozen fruit thats stuffed into this 60mL bottle: grapes! The frozen berries deliver a delightful icy tang to your taste buds, but the icy grape swoops in and deliver a resounding punch of cooling sweetness. This refreshing grape flavor washes over your taste buds on the exhale, leaving behind a crisp and sweet memory of the frozen fruit. Enjoy a riveting blend of frozen fruits that keep your taste buds satisfied with every puff. Frosty blueberries, icy blackberries, and chilly grapes unite in a single cloud, thanks to this delicious menthol eliquid called Blackberry Blueberry Grape Menthol Ejuice y Simple E-Cool!