Simple E-Fruit Pear Apricot Orange Ejuice


Simple E-Fruit Pear Apricot Orange Ejuice by Simple E-Fruit brings a simple yet complex array of fruits in a 60mL bottle. Soft and juicy pears, sweet and succulent apricots, and warm and smooth oranges dance around in this eliquid, ready to delight your taste buds with their intense fruit flavor! Bottle Size: 60ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Fruits Full Flavor Description Twirl around in a sweet and delicious trio of fruits, each one delivering a powerful punch of fresh fruit flavor in every puff. We start off with a barrel of dAnjou pears, their sweet and grainy flavor delighting our taste buds with every bite. Sweet and sticky pear juice runs down our fingers, creating a delicious mess that will have you smacking your lips for more. Next, we have the unique and rarely used apricot flavor. These petite fruits might be small, but they pack a whopping flavor that will have your taste buds staggering backward at the first puff. Apricots arent often found in eliquid combos, but it blossoms beautifully in this delicious triple fruit eliquid. And finally, we have smooth Florida oranges. Wander through Floridas finest orange groves and pick your own oranges, each sweet citrus bursting with fresh flavor. Each orange is crushed into a delicious liquid orange juice, the sweet aroma of freshly squeezed orange juice bathing your taste buds in a citrus glow. All three of these fruits come together in a delicious eliquid that was made for fruit lovers everywhere. Feast on the fresh flavor of warm grainy pears, soft and sweet apricots, and bold flavorful orange juice in a single cloud, thanks to this incredible all-day vape juice!