Simple E-Fruit Strawberry Pineapple Lemon Ejuice


Strawberry Pineapple Lemon Ejuice by Simple E-Fruit delivers a rush of juicy flavor, featuring sunkissed strawberries, tangy pineapples, and tart lemons. Its a fruity in your tank, and your taste buds are in the VIP section! Feast on the fresh and simple flavor of exotic fruits, sweet berries, and delicious citrus in a single bottle! Bottle Size: 60ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Fruits Full Flavor Description Treat your taste buds to the sweet and simple flavor of fresh fruits and tart citrus, each puff better than the last! We start out with summers most cherished berry: summer strawberries! The sweetness of each strawberry is nearly bursting from within, the warm sun soaking into each juicy slice. The strawberries are small and freshly picked, packing a powerful punch of wild sweetness in every bite. Next, we have exotic pineapples, picked from the finest pineapple trees the islands had to offer. Crack open one of these fresh fruits and relish the rich and tangy flavor of Caribbean delicacies. The fresh flavor of vacation and happiness lies within each slice, waiting to wash over your taste buds with powerful pineapple flavor. Yet our last fruit is one that might surprise you: Meyer lemons. Meyer lemons are known for their sweeter flavor, as opposed to regular lemons. Instead of causing your face to scrunch up with biting sour flavor, the Meyer lemons offer a smooth and slightly tart flavor that brings the pineapples and strawberries together. Each smooth sphere was harvested from the vast lemon groves of Florida, offering a delicious tartness that balances the sweetness of the other fruits. Enjoy a mouthful of fresh fruits and simple flavor, all made possible by Strawberry Pineapple Lemon Ejuice by Simple E-Fruit!