Slushy King Blue Razz Ejuice


Slushy King Blue Razz Ejuice by Slushy King invites you to enjoy a truly refreshing summer delight. A sweet and cold slushy from your favorite convenience store, brimming with freshly squeezed blue raspberry juice will make your taste buds go wild! Bottle Size:?????? 120ml?????? / Ratio:?????? 70/30 / ??????Flavor Type:?????? Sweets Full Flavor Description?????? This delicious all-day vape flavor packs all of the fun of summer into one shaved ice slushy treat! Freshly crushed blue raspberries flavor this delicious slushy, bursting with sweet and tangy goodness! These tiny berries of blue raspberry only bloom once every century, so enjoy this candied slushy while you still can! These sweet berries are hastily gleaned so not a single bit of these flavorful blue delights go to waste. The berreies are crushed into a sugary berry compotes and deliver a roaring flavor of sweet blue raspberry delight! Sweet and freshly squeezed blue raspberry juice gets lovingly poured into a smooth shaved iced slushy treat, just like the ones your favorite corner convenience store keeps on tap! How can you resist the calling? Surrender to the candied blue raspberry goodness, and let your vape taste buds go wild. As this delicious crystalized blue raspberry sinks into your vape taste buds, let your taste buds go wild with refreshing slushy bliss. Now you can beat back the heat of the summer with this eliquid rendition of a delicious blue raspberry slushy. Snap up your bottle while you still can, because an eliquid this good wont stay in stock for long!