Stay Salty Straw Melon On Ice Twin Pack Ejuice


Stay Salty Straw Melon On Ice Ejuice by Stay Salty features an icy mix of flash-frozen strawberries and artic watermelon, crushed over ice for a wintery cloud of chilly sweetness! Feast on wintery strawberries and chilly watermelon in a two-pack, ensuring your vape taste buds will be frozen for days! Bottle Size: 120ml (2x60ml) / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Fruit Full Flavor Description Straw Melon On Ice Ejuice by Stay Salty features a bone-chilling version of their popular Straw Melon flavor, featuring frozen strawberries and frosty watermelon chunks. We traveled to the ends of the earth to discover these snow-covered fruit gems, very nearly freezing to death in the process. These frosty berries were buried under several feet of snow, frozen solid like glacier rubies. We gathered up as much of these ruby red strawberries are our mittened hands could carry, aware of how precious these frozen fruits were. In our haste to get back to our warm vape shop, we stumbled across a frozen watermelon patch, each melon looking like a monstrous Abdominal Snowman. We feverishly dug through the snow, hoping and praying that these melons were able to be harvested. And they were! We cracked these frozen swollen melons in half and marveled at the icy fruit, crisp and cold and refreshing. We tried to capture the same frozen flavor in this eliquid, fresh and cold and sweet. If youre in search of a cold and sweet eliquid that freezes your taste buds while still delivering that fresh and flavorful fruit goodness, youre in luck! Grab a bottle of Straw Melon On Ice Ejuice by Stay Salty today and see what the frozen craziness is all about!