Stix Bee Razzers Ejuice


Bee Razzers by Stix Ejuice features a sweet and sugary blend of blue raspberry pixie dust! Smooth and flavorful clouds filled with the delicious taste of blue raspberries are waiting for you! Feast on the light and airy taste of freshly fallen pixie dust, and give your taste buds their wings! Brand: Stix / Bottle Size: 100ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Sweets Stix Bee Razzers Ejuice Description Its time for a sugary cloud of sweetness, and it comes in the form of pixie dust vape juice from Stix! Remember those little thin paper sticks from your childhood that were packed full of light and airy pixie dust? Now you can relive your sugar cravings from the years gone by with this fresh and sweet eliquid! Legend has it that the berries are so hot in the heat of the summer sun that they turn red, but once the sun has set and the moon has risen, the berries glow a soft sweet blue! Depending on what color the berries are, you can tell if they were picked in the sunny hours of daylight or the calming hours by moonlight. Thousands of these sweet raspberries were plucked in the light of the full moon, that soft and supple blue hue prevalent in every berry. Once we had filled our basket with as much of the blue raspberries as we could carry, we hurried back to the candy factory. The blue raspberries are dumped into a crusher, where the sweet and sugary blue juice is squeezed from every berry! We sprinkle in the perfect amount of magical pixie dust, transforming a mystical berry juice into a delicious eliquid! Enjoy the fruits of our labor and treat your taste buds to the sweet and sugary taste of blue raspberry pixie dues in every cloud!