Stix Strawberry Ejuice


Strawberry Ejuice by Stix Ejuice presents the classic flavor of strawberries swirled with magical pixie dust in every puff! Enjoy a sugary blend of fruits and sweets in a single cloud, offering your taste buds a chance to sink into a cloud of pure strawberry sugar. Enjoy your favorite childhood treat in this clever eliquid rendition of strawberry pixie dust! Stix Strawberry Ejuice Details Brand: Stix Type: Ejuice Bottle Size: 60ml Ratio: 70/30 Flavor: Sweet, Fruit All it takes is faith and trust…and just a smidge of this delicious eliquid rendition of strawberry pixie dust! Thats right, your favorite childhood candy has been transformed into a sweet and flavorful eliquid, bursting at the seams with pure strawberry and powdery candied sugar in every cloud. We took a trip out to our local strawberry patches, wild and overgrown but bursting with ripe sweetness. The sun glinted off of each berry, nearly blinding us, all while making each berry look like a priceless ruby. We stuffed our faces with these delicious berries, staining our fingers and tongues with the deep red berry juice. When we had our fill, we gathered up armfuls of these succulents strawberries, intent on bringing home our treasures. Once at our candy factory, we crushed the ripe strawberries, releasing a heavenly scent of summer throughout the rooms and making our mouths water all over again! We added just a touch of magical fairy dust, transforming the sweet strawberry juice into a light and whimsical strawberry pixie dust! Enjoy a bottle of freshly made strawberry pixie dust, bursting with fresh summer fruit and sweets in every puff! If youre a sweets and fruits lover looking for your next all day vape, youve struck gold (or pixie dust!) with this delightful eliquid called Strawberry Ejuice by Stix!