Strange Fruit Rotten Candy Ejuice


Flavor Description Rotten Candy Ejuice by Strange Fruit has been one of the most sought-after sweets flavored ejuice in the entire vaping industry. Puff on the bubbly sweet flavor of grape soda and chewy gummy bears! Don??????t knock it ??????till you try it, and who knows? Your vape palette might just like this strangely flavored eliquid! Bottle Size:?????? 100ml / ??????Ratio:?????? 80/20 / ????????????Flavor Type:?????? Sweets Full Flavor Description What makes Rotten Candy Ejuice by Strange Fruit so great? In true Frankenstein style, Strange Fruit has produced a mad concoction of delicious flavor in a complex and curious way. Indulge your weird cravings for unique flavors by puffing on clouds created fresh by headless gummy bears drowning in a grape soda moat! Well, not quite THAT bizarre, but tasty nonetheless! Sweet and bubbly grape soda effervesces happily as the can lid is cracked open and sweet grape soda bubbles tickle your nose! Soft and chewy gummy bears get paired with this soda for a chewy bubbly sweet treat! Now before you raise your eyebrows too much, just think of it like going to the movies and getting snacks instead of popcorn. All of a sudden, candy and soda in an eliquid flavor becomes much more appealing, right? Delight your vape palette with a new and unusual combination of ingredients that by themselves are great, but blended together are strangely delicious! For sweet and candied flavor that satisfies your insatiable candy cloud cravings, snag a bottle today and keep your tank brimming with headless gummy bears and hissing grape soda, compliments of Rotten Candy Ejuice by Strange Fruit!