Stumps 4 Pack Bundle


Flavor Description B, Don, Pops, and Rhino Ejuice by Stumps (by Charlies Chalk Dust) have been some of the most sought-after fruit, candy, and dessert flavored ejuices in the entire vaping industry. Save a bundle with our four pack and puff on the delicious clouds of fruits, candy, and desserts by Stumps Eliquid for as long as your vape taste buds desire! Bottle Size: 400ml (4x100ml) / Ratio: 80/20 / Flavor Type: Dessert, Sweets, & Fruit Full Flavor Description What makes Stumps 4 Pack Bundle so great? First up, we have B Ejuice. Crunchy granola clusters take a dive into a warm vanilla bath and roll around in sweet golden blossom honey. Light and fluffy clouds billow from every puff, bursting with sweet vanilla granola that??????s been dipped in sticky sweet honeybee honey. So don??????t think of granola as something to chomp on during a hike, or munch on in your yogurt…try it out in your vape tank! Secondly, we have Don Ejuice. Nothing quite beats the glorious scent of freshly baked cookies, and this flavor lets that delicious scent continue for days in sweet wispy clouds! Whisked straight out of the oven, Don Ejuice boasts to be the boss of cookie flavors with this rich and rolling flavor of freshly baked butter cookies. Embrace your inevitable cookie crumb mustache as you wash down this sweet dessert with a cold glass of milk! The Don take great care to present warm and comforting flavor in every puff, and this flavor certainly lives up to its name! Sweet and warm butter cookies kick up a stormcloud of flavor that will leave your vape palette drooling for! Thirdly, we have Pops Ejuice. Pop a cap of sweet and sour goodness into your vape tank and indulge on mouth-squinching sourness paired with loving sweetness in every puff! This flavor is sure to make your eyes pop with its sour punch, then flutter closed in sweet euphoric bliss. Whether you prefer to pop that lock with your vape tricks, pop your vape taste buds out of their comfort zone, or pop into the tart flavor of sour melons, feast on a refreshingly sweet and heartily sour flavor of juicy melon chunks rolled in sour sugar, bursting with tangy fruit sweetness and mouth-squinching sourness! Finally, we have Rhino. Listen as the ginger bubbles hiss and spit with wild ferocity, while the sweetness of the soda offers a gentle caress to your clouds. Tickle your vape taste buds with fizzing bubbles, and saddle your passion for curious yet delicious flavors! Feast on a rich and hearty flavor of ginger soda, bursting with spicy ginger and a pop of sweetness!