Stunna Real G Ejuice


Stunna Real G eJuice by Stunna is a colorful blend of sweet fruits, featuring smooth dAnjou pears, ripe watermelon, fresh Caribbean mangos, and juicy apricots. Fill your tank with this exotic blend of fresh fruits, ready to stun your taste buds with how delicious every puff truly is! Bottle Size: 100ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Sweets Full Flavor Description Welcome to the jungle, baby, where this delicious concoction of fresh fruits will make your taste buds scream! Four juicy fruits come together in this marvelous e-liquid, so lets see if you can pick out each one with every puff you take! We start out with smooth and grainy dAnjou pears, soft and warm from the summer sun. A single bite of this sweet fruit will have sticky pear juice running down your chin and right into your vape tank! Next, we have the pride of summer: fresh and cold watermelon! This dark red fruit is carved from its emerald green rind, sweet and juicy with every slice. Third, we have the gem of the islands, known far and wide for its exquisite flavor: mangoes! These ripe yellow and red fruits are imported from the sunny islands of Trinidad and Tobago, where the island sun seeps into every juicy fruit! And finally, we have sweet petite apricots! Apricots arent usually found in e-liquids, but weve decided to add in this delicious fruit as a subtle reminder that this flavor packs a powerful punch of fresh fruit goodness! Sink your teeth into this celebration of summer fruits and keep your taste buds singing with every puff of this marvelous e-liquid known as Real G by Stunna!