Stunna Rich Girl Ejuice


Stunna Rich Girl eJuice by Stunna lets you feast on icy mangos swirled into a fat pitcher of freshly squeezed pink lemonade! Enjoy an icy bourgeois e-liquid that proves to be a diamond in the rough! Cool your taste buds off with a single puff of this cold and flavorful menthol e-liquid! Bottle Size: 100ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Sweets, Menthol Full Flavor Description You can have all the clouds in the world, thanks to this wealthy mixup of your favorite summer beverage! Icy pink lemonade sparkling with cubes of frozen mangos rival diamonds with their shine! We start out with a glass of cold well water, drawn fresh for this snobby e-liquid. Then we add slices of extremely rare pink lemons, their sweet pink flavor soaking thoroughly into the water. We squeeze out several more of these exotic pink lemons to ensure a sweet and juicy flavor throughout the lemonade. A heaping cup of pure cane sugar is added for the perfect touch of sweetness. But you know how rich girls are, always wanting more! So we added a unique touch: frozen mangos! These icy mangos are tediously carved into perfect cubes, replacing the boring ice cubes of “normal” lemonade. The icy mangos chill the beverage and infuse a rich exotic island flavor into the lemonade. At long last, the pink mango lemonade is ready to serve, poured right into clear crystal goblets and set before you in e-liquid form. Take a trip to the royal side and experience the fresh and clean flavor of frosty lemonade in every cloud! Rich Girl by Stunna keeps your bratty taste buds satisfied with every sweet and icy puff!