The Finest Signature Edition Cool Mint Twin Pack Ejuice


The Finest Signature Edition Cool Mint Ejuice by The Finest Signature Edition features a two-pack of smooth and minty clouds at the ready. Treat your taste buds to the fine flavor of frosty menthol in every cloud, and whether it be winter or summer, your clouds can stay cool in any weather! Bottle Size: 120ml (2x60ml) / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Menthol Full Flavor Description Menthol flavors have a nasty habit of being harsh and unrefined, almost like dumping your taste buds into a frozen lake on a cold winters night. Thanks to this eliquid creation, now you can relax as you puff on a gentle menthol flavor, smooth and cultured like a refreshing glass of iced water on a hot summer day. Enjoy the well-balanced flavor of cooling spearmint, slightly sweet and just the right amount of frost. Spearmint leaves were picked by the thousands, right as the first snowfall of winter began to light upon the spearmint plant. The kiss of winter seeped right into each of these leaves, adding a cooling yet gentle flavor of menthol that was much appreciated by menthol lovers everywhere. Instead of sending you on a wild goose chase to find that satisfying burst of menthol, this appropriately named eliquid makes it easy to see that only the finest eliquids belong in your tank. If youre looking for a refreshing break from the world of harsh menthols and overpowering iciness, take a splash into this cloud of sweet spearmint. The crisp mint inhale and calming cool exhale presents itself in every puff, whether it be the first or the last. Satisfy your desire for something cold and refreshing, yet smooth and refined, compliments of Cool Mint Ejuice by The Finest Signature Edition.