The Finest Signature Edition Lychee Dragon Twin Pack Ejuice


The Finest Signature Edition Lychee Dragon Ejuice by The Finest Signature Edition promises to slay your taste buds with this dragon-sized flavor of three fruit! Feast on ripe lychee, sunkissed strawberry, and flavorful dragonfruit, sweet and powerful enough to knock your vape taste buds over in a single puff! Bottle Size: 120ml (2x60ml) / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Fruit Full Flavor Description Slay that dragon of fruit cravings in your taste buds with this succulent fruit flavored eliquid! A trio of fresh fruits dance about in a war dance, ready to claim your taste buds as their own. First up, we have the might lychee, rich in oriental flavor and smooth in sweetness. This delicate fruit offers a rosy pear flavor that is coveted by fruit vape lovers everywhere. Next up, we have sweet summer strawberries, warmed to a juicy sweetness from long hours ripening in the hot sun. Each ripe berry delivers a tart sweetness that is fresh and flavorful with every bite. And finally, we have exotic dragonfruit. This bright pink fruit named for looking every bit like the heart of a dragon, yet offers a refreshing rich sweetness in every slice. The white speckled fruit bears a soothing subtle flavor that is wholesome and juicy, balancing out the flavors of the strawberries and lychees. Take your vape taste buds to a fruit wonderland and lose yourself in the fresh and juicy flavors. Succulent strawberries are ready and waiting to attack your taste buds, while the ripe lychees offer a lush and juicy sweetness. Dragonfruit slices are tossed in for a soft kiss of flavor, completing this trio of fruit goodness!