The Finest Signature Edition Tiramisu Custard Twin Pack Ejuice


The Finest Signature Edition Tiramisu Custard Ejuice by The Finest Signature Edition features a smooth and flavorful dessert of freshly whipped custard, enhanced buttery chunks of tiramisu cake! Feast on a mouthwatering dessert of milk chocolate, nutty amaretto, creamy custard, and bold coffee that will have you skipping dinner completely! Enjoy a melt-in-your-mouth eliquid anytime those sweet tooth cravings kick in! Bottle Size: 120ml (2x60ml) / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Desserts Full Flavor Description Tiramisu has long been a treasured dessert, offering a bold and flavorful dessert that delights even the most advanced dessert palate. Now in eliquid form, this succulent dessert promises to delight your taste buds from the smooth buttery inhale to the coffee and chocolate flavored exhale! We start with a buttery custard, whipped to fluffy perfection from pure cane sugar and creamy milk. This custard washes over your taste buds with milky sweetness, caressing your palate with sweet and sugary delight. Next, we toss in a handful of cocoa powder, adding a silky chocolate flavor to the mix. A freshly brewed cup of coffee is added, the dark roasted beans infusing a powerful coffee flavor into the dessert. A teaspoon of nutty amaretto liquid follows, blending all of the ingredients together in mouthwatering haromony. Each of these ingredients come together to create a true kitchen masterpiece, offering two delicious desserts in a single cloud. Feast on a culinary masterpiece, where the smooth and creamy custard gets an upgrade in flavor, thanks to the mouthwatering addition of tiramisu goodness! Treat your taste buds to this succulent dessert, made possible by the fine eliquid known as Tiramisu Custard Ejuice by The Finest Signature Edition!