TRPCL One Hundred Fruit Punch Ejuice


TRPCL One Hundred Fruit Punch Ejuice by TRPCL One Hundred features juicy pineapple, lush grapes, sunkissed strawberries, and firm Florida oranges! Treat yourself to a cloud stuffed full of fresh fruits and lose yourself in the sweet scents of tropical goodness! Bottle Size: 100ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Fruit Full Flavor Description Enjoy a smooth and flavorful cloud adventure, where fresh fruits punch sweet flavor into every cloud! First up, we have juicy pineapples, picked fresh from the pineapple fruits and swollen with tart and tangy flavor! Each pineapple is stripped of its spiny skin and split wide open to reveal a lush and tropical yellow flesh within! Each pineapple gets sliced and cored, ensuring not a drop of precious sweet fruit is wasted! A cluster of plump concord grapes are tossed in and mashed to add a burst of crisp Italian flavor to the fruit cocktail. Next, a handful of sunkissed strawberries are folded in, glistening with ruby red sweetness and sweet summer freshness. Finally, a bushel of fresh Florida oranges are added, each slice glistening and dripping with full-bodied citrus goodness. These flavors come together to knock your taste buds out with fresh fruit flavor that you wont ever want to put down!