Tuck Shop Apple Sours Ejuice By Dinner Lady


Tuck Shop Apple Sours Ejuice By Tuck Shop (from Dinner Lady) features a mouth-squinching sour apple candy, featuring crisp orchard apples doused in a sour sauce! Pucker up for a deliciously sour green apple cloud of flavor that will have your vape taste buds crying for more! Bottle Size: 60ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Sweets Full Flavor Description Enjoy a rousing blend of tart green apples soaked in a sour syrup for a cloud of mouth-squinching sour your taste buds are sure to love! We start out with an orchard full of fresh and tangy Granny Smith apples, smooth and crisp as they ripen in the autumn sun. These delicious green apples pack a powerful punch of flavor on their own, but theres always room for improvement! The orchard relinquished its hold on these delicious green apples and allowed us to cart away heaping barrels of these juicy fruits. Each apple gets sliced into thick wedged and soaked in a sour syrup, infusing each slice with powerfully sour flavor! Once these apple slices are thoroughly soaked and dripping with sour goodness, they are set to harden. Each hardened apple slice is crushed into pieces of sour green apple candy, perfect for the fruit and candy vape juice lover everywhere! Feast on the sweet and sour flavor of Granny Smith apples, enhanced with a menacingly sour syrup that will drive your vape taste buds wild! Crunch down on the sweet flavor of crisp apples and the sour flavor of deliciously sour goodness in every cloud, thanks to Apple Sours Ejuice by Tuck Shop!