Tuck Shop Bubble Trouble Ejuice By Dinner Lady


Tuck Shop Bubble Trouble Ejuice by Tuck Shop (from Dinner Lady) lets you tuck into a mouthful of sweet and sugary bubble gum clouds! Give your jaws a rest without depriving your taste buds of that sweet and chewy bubble gum deliciousness! The only trouble in this bottle is when you run out of it! Bottle Size: 60ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Sweets Full Flavor Description Enjoy a delicious eliquid rendition of your favorite bubblegum, soft and chewy and oh so gooey! It all started when the candy factory decided to produce chewing gum, infused with soft and sugary flavor that the surrounding town went wild for! These pieces of chewing gum became renowned far and wide for their long-lasting flavor, soft and spongy texture, and bubble-blowing prowess. But the owner of the factory refused to give away his recipe, claiming that it was a secret recipe handed down from generations. This sparked a flame of protest from the surrounding candymakers, curious to emulate the delicious candy. Thus began the heist of the bubblegum squares, in hopes to discover the recipe from reverse engineering! Fat and sugary squares of soft bubblegum were smuggled from the candy factory in the dead of night and brought to the eliquid factory. These sweet squares were melted down into bubbling liquid form and doused with pure cane sugar for an extra sweet punch of flavor. These chewy bubble gum squares were stolen away from their candy factory, thus adding a dark infusion of trouble in every square! This troublesome element made it impossible to discover the recipe, but added a delicious flavor to the sweet that make it simply irresistible! Try out a bottle today and see if you can discover the secret recipe of this Bubble Trouble Ejuice by Tuck Shop (by Dinner Lady)!