Tuck Shop Lemon Sherbet Ejuice By Dinner Lady


Tuck Shop Lemon Sherbet Ejuice by Tuck Shop (from Dinner Lady) features a smooth and creamy cold dessert with a touch of citrus sweetness. Savor the sweet spoonfuls of this freshly churned lemon sherbet in every cloud. Beat back the summer heat with refreshing clouds of this delicious eliquid rendition of lemon sherbet! Bottle Size: 60ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Sweets Full Flavor Description Immerse yourself in the cold and creamy clouds of freshly churned lemon sherbet, sweet and delightfully refreshing! Fat scoops of smooth sherbet glisten in a frosted bowl, ready to attack your taste buds with tart and tangy sweetness. The dinner lady grated several lemons until there was nothing left but a finely sifted lemon powder, light and packed with flavor. This smooth lemon powder got blended into a heaping cup of pure cane sugar, infusing sweet and tart flavor into one delicious powder. Next, overflowing cups of sweet and cold milk were sloshed over the sugary lemon powder, adding a thick and creamy flavor to the mix. Milk, lemon powder, and sugar were blended together to form a thick and rich cream texture, ready to be dumped into an ice cream churner. The ice cream churner was set on a low blend and left alone for hours to ensure a triple-churned masterpiece would be complete at last! Feast on a cold and creamy dessert, flavored with the tart flavor of sweet Meyer lemons, smooth triple-churned sherbet, and cold creamy milk! The summer heat is no reason you have to suffer miserably in the suns harsh rays! Reward your parched taste buds for patiently waiting for this delicious eliquid, known as Lemon Sherbet Ejuice by Tuck Shop!