Tuck Shop Sweet Fusion Ejuice By Dinner Lady


Tuck Shop Sweet Fusion Ejuice by Tuck Shop (from Dinner Lady) brings a delightful infusion of fruits and sweets in a single eliquid! Feast on ripe strawberries, lush melons, and wild berries as theyre transformed into a chewy candied blend! Treat your taste buds to the best of both the sweets and fruits world, wrapped up tastefully in this 60mL bottle of eliquid! Bottle Size: 60ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Sweets Full Flavor Description Launch your taste buds into a fusion of fruit and candy sweetness, where a cloud of flavor awaits you! Feast on a field of strawberries, harvested at the peak of freshness and crushed into a liquid strawberry jam. A wild melon patch is also stripped bare, each fat and juicy watermelon stripped ruthlessly from the vine. These deep green melons are split in half to reveal the delicious ruby red flesh within, cold and sweet and refreshing. And finally, the wild forests are foraged for a mix of sweet blueberries, sultry blackberries, and soft raspberries. These tender mixed berries are crushed into a thick wild berry compote, tart and tangy and full of forest flavor. Mixed berries, lush watermelon, and sweet strawberries come together in delicious fruit harmony and are mixed into a sugary gelatin, where the fresh fruit flavor is infused into soft chewy candy! Dive into a world where ripe fruits and sweet candy are fused together for a unique and delicious flavor. Cant decide which eliquid to go with next? Check out this eliquid and satisfy your cravings for fresh fruit and chewy candy in a single cloud, thanks to this Sweet Fusion Ejuice by Tuck Shop!