Tuck Shop Watermelon Slices Ejuice By Dinner Lady


Tuck Shop Watermelon Slices Ejuice by Tuck Shop (from Dinner Lady) brings back the summer with sweet watermelon slices! Sink your teeth into a ripe slice of freshly cut watermelon, sticky juice dripping throughout your clouds. Let your vape taste buds be as refreshed as if you were enjoying the actual fruit! Bottle Size: 60ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Sweets Full Flavor Description Tuck into a thick and sticky slice of freshly sliced watermelon, where the flavor of summer is infused into every fat wedge! We found these juicy melons abandoned in a lush melon patch, long forgotten by those more interested in buying from the corner store. We ravaged these delicious melons as quickly as our machetes could hack into the swollen melons, hacking the tough green rind away to reveal that juicy red flesh within! Sweet red melon juice dripped down over our fingertips, coating our fingers with sticky deliciousness. Our taste buds were soon coated with the lush and flavorful summer fruit, ripened by long and undisturbed summers that infused each melon with juicy sweetness. Instead of keeping these sweet melons for ourselves, we decided to let the rest of the world sample the insanely juicy and fresh flavor of the melons, but in eliquid form! Each puff of this eliquid promises to be as sweet and refreshing as an actual slice, rich in flavor and delicious in both the inhale and exhale. Feast on the singular flavor of sweet and juicy watermelon slices, as refreshing as if youd picked the melons out yourself! For your next all-day vape, check out Watermelon Slices by Tuck Shop and treat your taste buds to the sweet and juicy flavor of summer watermelon wedges!