Twist By Loaded Cinnamon Coated Ejuice


Cinnamon Coated Twist by Loaded is a delicious vape juice that will undoubtedly impress most vaping enthusiasts. Cinnamon Coated Twist contains the flavors of freshly baked pretzels coated in cinnamon sugar. Bottle Size: 120ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Dessert Full Flavor Description When you take your first hit, it becomes obvious that Cinnamon Coated Twist is produced with high-quality ingredients. This vape juice has an enduring natural taste that never becomes harsh or chemical like. And Cinnamon Coated Twist is one of those eliquids that you can easily vape all day long and not get bored. When you inhale Cinnamon Coated Twist, it is the taste of the cinnamon flavor that becomes pronounced. The cinnamon flavor is also topped with notes of sugar, and they blend excellently. On the exhale, it is the taste of the pretzel that fills the mouth. The inhale and exhale work together to make vaping Cinnamon Coated Twist is a fun experience. This eliquid also has a pleasant aftertaste.