Twisted Tongue Cinnamon Swirls Ejuice


Cinnamon Swirls eJuice by Twisted Tongue brings you an early holiday present, featuring spicy cinnamon, buttery cream cheese icing, and soft sweet dough. Feast on an e-liquid flavor that will have you singing carols and snuggling by the fire on a cold winter night! Twisted Tongue Cinnamon Swirls Ejuice Details Brand: Twisted Tongue Type: Ejuice Bottle Size: 60ml Ratio: 70/30 Flavor: Sweet, Dessert Twisted Tongue brings the holidays to your vape tank, readily available for vaping 365 days a year! Imagine a bustling kitchen, the soft and tender scents of freshly baked goodies wafting from the oven. Spicy cinnamon, warm melted butter, and dark brown sugar are stirred, creating a liquid sweetness. A dash of vanilla and a few whipped eggs are carefully folded in. This warm and sugary liquid concoction is gently mixed into a soft and sticky batter, where it soaks into the dough for several hours. Rich and cinnamon-y rolls are rolled out onto a baking pan and whisked into the oven. Peek into the oven and slowly savor the rich aroma of thick and fluffy cinnamon rolls that hits your nostrils full force! Soft and pillowy tufts of dough have blossomed into thick rolls of blessed dessert goodness. A molten cream cheese icing is drizzled atop each roll, coating the desserts with rich creamy sweetness. Finally, a glass of milk is placed next to each sweet treat, waiting to offer cold and creamy refreshment to your sticky taste buds. Feast on a delightful cloud of freshly baked cinnamon rolls, swirled with exotic cinnamon and rich brown sugar, otherwise known as Cinnamon Swirls eJuice by Twisted Tongue!