Twisted Tongue French Vanilla Ejuice


French Vanilla eJuice by Twisted Tongue delivers a steaming mug of french vanilla cappuccino in every puff. Start your morning off right with a delicious cup of coffee clouds, perfectly flavored for the grumpy morning vapers. The rich scents of cappuccino are waiting to tickle your taste buds awake with this delicious e-liquid flavor! Twisted Tongue French Vanilla Ejuice Details Brand: Twisted Tongue Type: Ejuice Bottle Size: 60ml Ratio: 70/30 Flavor: Sweet, Dessert Nothing wakes you up in the morning quite like a steaming mug of coffee, which is why Twisted Tongue crafted this tasty breakfast e-liquid! We searched the globe for the finest coffee beans available, each smooth brown bean bursting with rich flavor. These exotic coffee beans are ground into a fine powder, the silky aroma of freshly crushed coffee filling the air with its silky aroma. The coffee grounds are pressed into a cappuccino machine, where smooth and strong coffee pours into a waiting cup. Next, we add in steamed french vanilla creamer, frothy and bubbly. The creamer infuses the coffee with a thick and rich flavor, tantalizing your taste buds with wakeful morning goodness. The freshly made french vanilla cappuccino is poured into a tall ceramic mug, silky tendrils of vapor rising up from the cup. A single puff of this morning e-liquid and your taste buds will be hooked! Skip the morning coffee line and load up your tank with this refreshing cup o joe in e-liquid form! Your tongue will be twisting around luscious clouds of silky cappuccino flavor, with a twist of French vanilla for that extra kick of sweetness.