Twisted Tongue Something Fruity Ejuice


Something Fruity eJuice by Twisted Tongue lets you feast on a cornucopia of fruits in a single puff! You ever get a craving for something fruity, but cant decide which of the fruit flavors to go with? Now you can enjoy all the flavors at once with this delicious cloud of mixed fruit salad, ready to twist your tongue with fruity goodness! Twisted Tongue Something Fruity Ejuice Details Brand: Twisted Tongue Type: Ejuice Bottle Size: 60ml Ratio: 70/30 Flavor: Fruit Keep your taste buds guessing which flavor youre really puffing on, and no peeking at the label to try to guess! The only hint we can give you is that its similar to a freshly tossed fruit salad, full of ripe fruits in every cloud. On one hit, you might taste a rush of wild mixed berries, perhaps a hint of summer strawberries or wild blueberries. Another hit might have you noshing on warm tropical mangos and exotic pineapples, the tangy flavor nearly knocking your taste buds over with its strong flavor. You might detect a touch of citrus, freshly picked from the orange groves of Florida and the grapefruit groves of Georgia. All we can say is to let your taste buds decide which fruit is really there! Its a mystery only your taste buds can solve, a cryptic conglomeration of fruits only your tongue can decipher, and its a puzzle that will leave a smile on your face! Whether its mixed berries, juicy citrus, or exotic island favorites, youll satisfy those pesky fruit cravings in a single cloud. Enjoy a delicious blend of fresh fruit flavors that constantly keep you guessing, all made possible by Something Fruity by Twisted Tongue!