Twisted Tongue The Fix Ejuice


The Fix eJuice by Twisted Tongue brings you a creamy slice of freshly baked cheesecake, covered in a decadent strawberry sauce and topped with finely chopped pecans. Savor the rich and creamy flavor of this mouth-watering e-liquid and treat your taste buds to a delicious cloud of all-day dessert clouds! Twisted Tongue The Fix Ejuice Details Brand: Twisted Tongue Type: Ejuice Bottle Size: 60ml Ratio: 70/30 Flavor: Dessert, Fruit We start out with a silky cheesecake batter, crafted with soft cream cheese, warm frothy cream, softened butter, and a few droplets of pure Madagascar vanilla. These ingredients are whipped together to form a thick and rich cheesecake filling, light and fluffy. The filling is lovingly poured into a springboard pan lined with buttery graham cracker crumbs. The cheesecake is baked to a delicate golden brown and is set to cool. Once the fine dessert has properly cooled, its time for the real fun to begin! Hundreds of strawberries, still warm from the summer sun, are crushed into a thick and chunky berry compote. The sweet and sticky berry juice is swirled with a pinch of sugar and is boiled to create a rich strawberry sauce. The strawberry sauce is poured right on top of the cheesecake, soaking into the decadent dessert and running off the sides. A few starwberry slivers are added as a garnish, and a thick sprinkling of finely chopped pecans complete the dessert. Cut yourself a slice and savor the rich and flavorful mouthful of dessert that your taste buds wont ever want to put down! Get your sugar fix of dessert sweetness in a single puff, thanks to this magnifiscent strawberry and pecan cheesecake, also known as The Fix by Twisted Tongue!