Vape Pink Cookie Butter Ejuice


Cookie Butter by Vape Pink gives you the realistic taste of oats cookies on the inhale. You can taste the sugary topping as well as the oats. On the exhale, the milk flavor comes through. Cookie Butter gives you the same taste youd get if you dipped cookies inside a glass of milk. This Vape Pink e-juice remind me of my favorite nighttime snack. Bottle Size: 100ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Sweets Full Flavor Description Cookie Butter by Vape Pink is an oat cookie treat with a milk base. The sweet pastry and smooth milk flavor will leave you mesmerized. This vape juice is flavorful. Cookie Butter is one of the best vape juice blends on the market with cookie flavor. With this eliquid, you can enjoy the taste of cookies all day without packing on calories! The mouthwatering taste of this e-juice will have you vaping on puff after puff. Dont be surprised if you finish a bottle in no time. There is no doubt that this eliquid was made by expert mixologists.