Yami Vapor Mika Ejuice


Mika Ejuice by Yami Vapor delivers a gushing volcano of fruit flavors, featuring warm guava, sweet oranges, and exotic passion fruit! This Hawaiian POG offers your taste buds a delicious vacation of fruits that you wont want to come home from! Bottle Size: 100ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Dessert Full Flavor Description Pronounce “Mee-kah”, this delicious eliquid was named in honor of its beautiful fragrance, soft and fruity and sweet. Three special fruits were gathered to craft this magnificent eliquid, each one more juicy and flavorful than the last! First up, we have exotic passion fruit. This fruit carries a lush and flavorful sweetness, staying true to its name with juiciness that will have your taste buds swooning over. Next, we have warm Florida oranges. These firm fruits send off a thick scent of orange juice, both in the plump rind and the juicy flesh. The orange flavor brings you through the lush orange groves, sweeping you off your feet with the fresh and invigorating flavor. And lastly, we have guava, freshly imported from Colombia. These smooth pink fruits are carved into thick chunks and are soaked in sugar, transforming a delicious fruit into a mouthwatering juice. Each of these flavors come together in delicious harmony to present a POG that is truly beautiful to taste and fragrant to smell. Whether youre embarking on a journey to a tropical paradise or simply looking for a temporary cloud vacation, Mike Ejuice by Yami Vapor promises to satisfy your cravings for something smooth and sweet!