Yami Vapor Milkgat Ejuice


Milkgat Ejuice by Yami Vapor takes your vape taste buds on a smooth and chewy cloud journey. Soft and sweet milk chocolate nougat invades your nostrils and delights your clouds with wonderfully rich flavor! Bottle Size: 100ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Dessert Full Flavor Description In French, ?????nougat????? actually means nut cake, which seems pretty odd when you think of all the candy bars that advertise nougat in their ingredients list. Yet before you dismiss the term entirely, sample the sweet goodness of simply made nougat. Large brown eggs are whipped together into a frothy egg wash. Heaping cups of dark brown sugar are thoroughly mixed in, presenting a thick and creamy sauce that is ready to be heated. As the sweet sticky brown sauce is brought to a simmer, gobs of golden blossom honey get added to the mix, infusing a sweet and sticky flavor into the mix. A handful of chopped hazelnuts is tossed in, adding a smooth nutty taste to the yummy nougat. Hence, a smooth and sweet ?????nut cake!????? Are your vape taste buds watering yet? Farm fresh cream is poured over the freshly made nougat, adding a chewy creamy sweetness that you wont want to put down! Feast on a culinary masterpiece in eliquid form, as you munch on clouds scented with sweet and chewy nougat, soaked in a creamy milk bath. Pick up a bottle of Milkgat Ejuice and let the crisp clean flavor of thick and chewy nougat wash over you in heaping sweet-scented clouds!