Yami Vapor Shaka Ejuice


Shaka Ejuice by Yami Vapor features the bold and unapologetic flavor of fresh mangoes and the lesser known mangoesteen. Both fruits come together in an epic battle for superiority on your taste buds. Fruit lovers will adore this flavor for the fresh and juicy flavor in this massive 100mL bottle! Bottle Size: 100ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Fruit Full Flavor Description Take your taste buds on a wild ride through a festive battle of fruits, where mangoes and mangoesteens jostle for position in your vape tank. The mango flavor comes straight from the Caribbean, where fat and juicy mangoes ripen on mango trees as far as the eye can see. You can almost reach out and pluck one of these tender fruits, warmed by the friendly island sun. These sweet mangoes deliver a delicious burst of tropical sweetness, each fat slice dripping with sweet mango juice. But just when you think your taste buds reach mango overload, the sweet flavor of mangoesteens come in to deliver yet another flavor punch. Mangosteens are a rare and exotic fruit that is well loved by fruit lovers everywhere. The flavor has been described as a creamy strawberry-peach, with just the faintest hint of sourness. Mangosteens offer the perfect balance of juicy sweetness, coming through strongly in the exhale. Two fruits are delicately combined in this smashingly good eliquid, delivering a luscious sweetness that your taste buds will go wild for. Treat yourself to the smooth and juicy fruits of an island paradise, and let the sweet juices of ripe mangoes and exotic mangoesteens wash over your palate in a clean cloud of flavor! Shaka laka boom!