Yogi Farms Green Apple Ice Ejuice


Yogi Farms Green Apple Ice Ejuice by Yogi Farms delivers an icy rendition of your favorite green apple candy eliquid! Enjoy a triple whammy of icy sweet and sour goodness, featuring freshly frozen granny smith apples in every cloud! Menthol, candy, and fruit come together in this delicious brand new flavor from Yogi! Bottle Size: 60ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Sweets, Menthol Full Flavor Description Green Apple Ice brings a freshly frozen eliquid that will have your vape taste buds shivering with delight! An orchard of crisp and sweet Granny Smith apples lay before you, every tree covered with the iciness of a freshly fallen snow. The frigid cold of the snow has seeped into every apple, creating a flash-frozen field of fruit just waiting to be transformed into a deliciously crisp and icy eliquid! These apples were picked quickly, each one numbing our fingertips and freezing our taste buds with every bite. These apples were finally transported to our candy factory, where even after each frozen fruit had thawed, the icy flavor was still heavily prevalent in every bite. Once each apple was cored and peeled, the icy fruit was crushed over ice to ensure a frosty sweetness. The apple peels were ground up and tossed in, adding a sharply sour flavor to the icy applesauce. As a final addition, an icy mixture of slushy sour sugar was poured in, adding the final kick of sour that this eliquid needed. The entire liquid was strained and poured over fresh ice, delivering a rousing blend of sweet, sour, and icy goodness in every puff! Feast on a freshly crafted blend of frozen Granny Smith apples, icy and sweet and sour all in one!