Yogi Farms Pineapple Ice Ejuice


Yogi Farms Pineapple Ice Ejuice by Yogi Farms delivers an icy rendition of your favorite tropical fruit, featuring frozen chunks of pineapple in every cloud! Your taste buds will be shivering with happiness from the first puff of this eliquid to the last! Its an arctic tropical vacation… think your taste buds can handle the chill? Bottle Size: 60ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Fruit, Menthol Full Flavor Description Ever wonder what the Caribbean would be like if the islands ever got a blizzard? Now with this icy fruit eliquid, youll have no trouble picturing a snow-covered paradise. A heavy blanket of snow covers the sandy beaches of Trinidad, the once warm waters frozen solid and covered with soft snowflakes. The trees are covered with a fluffy dusting of snow, and theres a pineapple-shaped snowball dangling from the branches! These pineapples are an extra special treat, for not only are the sweet and juicy, but the infusion of icy snow had made them cold and icy as well. We thought once they thawed out, theyd be back to their original sweetness, but that snowy flavor seems to have seeped into each frozen chunk. An icy blast of winter attacks your taste buds with every puff, the fierce arctic flavor heavily present in both the inhale and exhale. Skate on the frozen seas of the Caribbean and dance under the snow-covered trees of the islands, all while puffing on this icy flavor of frozen pineapples in every cloud. Think your taste buds can handle the chill of a Caribbean winter? Only one way to find out! Grab your bottle today and see how frozen pineapples can make your taste buds shiver with delight, all made possible by Pineapple Ice by Yogi Farms!