Yogi Farms Salt Green Apple Ejuice


Yogi Farms Green Apple Ejuice by Yogi Salt delivers a riveting flavor of sour green apples, sweet on the inhale but mischievously sour on the exhale! Enjoy a fruit and candy flavor all in the single cloud! Your taste buds wont ever want to put this sweet and tart eliquid down! Bottle Size: 30ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Sweets, Nicotine Salt Full Flavor Description Enjoy the sweet and flavorful taste of sour green apples in eliquid form! We ambushed an orchard of crisp green apples, our nimble fingers snatching up as many of these fruits as we could possibly gather. Once we had full armloads of these fruits, we made our way back to the candy factory, where each green apple was meticulously peeled and cored, ensuring nothing was wasted. Each peeled apple is cut into thick slices and mashed into a thick and sweet applesauce. The apple peels were ground up to a pulpy mess and added to the mashed apple, infusing a much needed sour tang into the apple sauce. As a final addition, a huge vat of liquid sour sugar is swirled in, adding a mouth-squinching sour to the freshly ground apples. The entire sour apple mash is strained, leaving only the liquid sour which you see before you in this 60mL bottle. Treat your taste buds to the best of both the sweet and sour world, offering a richly flavorful fruity cloud of sweet Granny Smith apples infused with a powerfully sour kick at the end! For candy and fruit vape juice lovers everywhere, Green Apple Ejuice by Yogi Salts brings a delicious eliquid that might just become your new favorite all-day vape!