Yogi Farms Salt Pineapple Ejuice


Yogi Farms Pineapple Ejuice by Yogi Salt features the tart and tangy flavor of freshly picked pineapples! Feast on the sweet and flavorful fruit of the tropics, ready to whisk your taste buds to a carefree paradise! Roll around in clouds that deliver a vacation and fruit euphoria in a single puff! Bottle Size: 30ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Fruit, Nicotine Salt Full Flavor Description Take your taste buds on a well-deserved vacation to a cloudy island of flavor, where tropical pineapples roam free! These sweet fruits were difficult to harvest, thanks to their prickly husk, but the delicious yellow fruit was well worth the struggle! Each pineapple gets stripped of the spiny outer rind, revealing a deep yellow flesh within, stick and sweet and oh so flavorful! The pineapple is carved into fat chunks, glistening a mouthwatering stickiness in the heat of the island sun. These juicy chunks offer a taste of the island paradise in every bite, tart at first and then wonderfully sweet. Take your taste buds on a trip through the Caribbean, sampling the marvelous fruit of the islands that tastes even better in eliquid form! Close your eyes and you might even feel the sand between your toes, or the warm island sun on your face. If youre looking for a fresh fruit flavor that tickles your taste buds with rich and fruity flavor, look no further! Youve come across a buried treasure in the eliquid world, filled to the brim with sweet and tangy pineapple flavor! Lose yourself in the sweet and juicy clouds that bring a smile to your lips and a vacation to your taste buds!