Yogi Farms White Grape Ice Ejuice


Yogi Farms White Grape Ice Ejuice by Yogi Farms features the cold and frosty flavor of freshly frozen grapes, firm and plump yet chilled to the core! The inhale offers a tart and sweet grape flavor, while the icy exhale refreshes your palate and freezes your taste buds to the arctic tundra! Bottle Size: 60ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Sweets, Menthol Full Flavor Description If youve never had frozen grapes as a snack, youve missed out on a deliciously icy fruit treat! For those of you that have sampled the cold sweetness of a freshly frozen grape, this eliquid promises to bring back memories of your favorite frosty fruit! Freeze your taste buds into frosty oblivion with this sweet yet icy eliquid. Grapes were plucked from the sunny vineyards of Austria, each plump globe bursting with a tangy sweetness. These fruits were packed into heavy wooden crates and loaded up to get shipped off to Yogi Farms. Yet midway across the Atlantic, a terrible snowstorm engulfed the plane and froze everything in the cargo area with an icy layer of frost. Once the plane had safely landed, the cargo bay was unlocked, and out poured a mini avalanche of snow! No matter how long the grapes were left to defrost, they still retained a frosty flavor along with the juicy sweetness. Yogi Farms managed to capture this flavor perfectly for your vaping enjoyment, each puff bursting with frozen fruit flavor. Roll around in the icy clouds of a freshly frozen cluster of grapes, each cold fruit blasting your taste buds with the invigorating taste of winter!