Yogi Original and Lemon Granola Ejuice 2 Pack Bundle


Yogi Yogi Original and Lemon Granola Ejuice 2 Pack Bundle delivers a creamy crunchy granola bar in eliquid form! Enjoy two bottles that are stuffed with smooth flavor of crunchy granola clusters. One bottle features the flavor of fresh vanilla bean strands and dipped into golden blossom honey, while the other one features the warm and tangy flavor of lemon zested granola! Bottle Size: 120mL (2x60ml) / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Dessert Full Flavor Description In a vape world where flavors abound and all seem to taste the same, Original Granola Bar jumps out of the shadows and spews a triumphant cloud of unique flavor that promises to delight your vape taste buds. Crunchy granola clusters take a dive into a warm vanilla bath and roll around in sweet golden blossom honey. Light and fluffy clouds billow from every puff, bursting with sweet vanilla granola that??????s been dipped in sticky sweet honeybee honey. So don??????t think of granola as something to chomp on during a hike, or munch on in your yogurt…try it out in your vape tank. Second in this eliquid bundle, we have Lemon Granola Bar. These clusters of sweet granola are made from freshly rolled oats, clean and full of flavor in every bunch. A drizzle of honey is lovingly poured over the oats, softening them to a delicate texture that is heavenly to your taste buds and nostrils. Next, a heaping bowl of freshly grated lemon zest is added to mix, infusing the oats with a tart and tangy flavor that is irresistible to your taste buds. Add just a few squirts of lemon juice for an even zestier flavor that brings the fresh flavor of citrus to every cloud.This smooth and refreshing eliquid brings a lemon-y goodness that is ripe and waiting to bring your breakfast clouds to a new level of deliciousness. These soft lemon-zested oats are tenderly shaped into oblong bars and stuffed into a 60mL bottle, perfect for your vaping enjoyment.