Yogi Salt Peanut Butter Banana Granola Bar Ejuice


Yogi Peanut Butter Banana Granola Ejuice by Yogi Salt features a smooth and creamy flavor of freshly churned peanut butter, smeared atop fat slices of golden ripe bananas and drizzled with golden blossom honey! Enjoy a delicious vape treat with every puff and treat your vape taste buds to a triple whammy of flavor! Bottle Size: 30ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Dessert, Nicotine Salt Full Flavor Description If youre looking for something original and flavorful to delight your vape taste buds, look no further than this incredible flavor from Yogi Salt! First up, we start with a handful of freshly shelled peanuts and churned them into smooth and creamy peanut butter, bursting with a delicious nutty flavor. Next, we peel a dozen golden ripe bananas and slice them into fat chunks that are ready to attack your taste buds with smooth fruity flavor. Finally, we have rolled oats that have been soaked in golden blossom honey, infusing each oat cluster with a warm sweetness that even the bees wont be able to resist. These three ingredients are tossed together evenly for a thick and creamy eliquid that youll quickly promote to your favorite all day vape! Freshly made peanut butter holds all of the oats together, while the banana chunks offer a warm and sweet fruit flavor that pairs perfectly with the smooth and creamy nut butter. The golden blossom honey provides a delightful kiss of sweetness that lingers lightly on your tongue and vanishes without a trace. Feast on a cloud that is stuffed with fruits, nuts, honey, and oats in every cloud, compliments of Peanut Butter Banana Granola Bar Ejuice by Yogi Salt! Full Flavor Description WARNING: Nicotine Salts are compatible with any NON sub-ohm device but, we highly recommend using it with a refillable pod system. This flavor is a nicotine salt infused e-Liquid formulated for pod systems and other similar low power devices