• Portable and Compact
  • Filling Chamber holds up to 2.0 ML
  • Upgraded Refillable Chamber


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The Liquis Vaporizer is a new portable unit that features a refillable heating chamber which holds up to 2.0 ml. A replaceable heating coil provides an extra layer of convenience.

Each Liquis Vaporizer measures 5 inches in Height and .5” inches in Diameter, handily fitting inside your palm or pocket.

A 650 MAH rechargeable Li-Ion battery allows for hours of continuous use and is built with both a 10 second Auto Shut Off safety feature and Lock/Unlock function for optimal performance.

There are 2 stylish colors to choose from such as Pearl White and Satin Black, so you can find the perfect Liquis Vaporizer that fits your lifestyle.

With features such as a rechargeable lithium ion battery, a refillable heating tank, an auto shutoff safety feature and a rapid 5 second heat up time, the Liquis Vaporizer is perfect for both novice and expert Vaporization patrons.


The Liquis Vaporizer’s heating chamber provides even heating of your Essential Oils while containing the heat within the chamber.

The mouthpiece is made from environmentally friendly acrylic, allowing an easy and comfortable while using the Liquis Vaporizer.

Each Liquis Vaporizer lithium ion battery is designed to provide long-lasting use on a single charge. At the top of the battery is the power button. A LED light glows whenever you push the power button to showcase that the Liquis Vaporizer is in use.

The light also acts as an alert system, letting you know when your battery needs to be recharged by rapidly blinking.


Another feature accompanied with the Liquis Vaporizer is the built-in automatic shut off safety setting after 10 seconds of continuous heat.

To reactivate the temperature, simply wait 3 seconds then press the Power Button down for a couple of seconds to repeat the Vaporization process.


A unique battery locking mechanism allows for the Liquis Vaporizer to remain off while in not in use. Locking/Unlocking is made simple by rapidly pressing the power button 5 times within 2 seconds, the LED button will flash 3 times which indicates the Liquis Vaporizer can now be powered ON/OFF.

This feature ensures that your Liquis Vaporizer will not accidentally turn on in your pocket, extending the battery life.