Alternativ Delta Ejuice


Alternativ Delta Menthol Ejuice is an explosion of sweet strawberry watermelon candies and a menthol twist. On the inhale, the taste of floral fruit floats in your mouth before the exhale then flash freezes the river with icy menthol. Strawberry and watermelon vape juice puffs its way into your clouds and your heart. Brand: Alternativ / Bottle Size: 100ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Sweets Alternativ Delta Ejuice Description Delta by Alternativ is a delicious eliquid that blends fruit, berries and watermelon. Delta is the type of vape juice that is ideal for the summer season when the weather gets hot. You are guaranteed to love this eliquid if you are a fan of fruit and mint flavored blends. Delta is one of the best eliquid blends by Alternativ. This eliquid has a delicious taste that blends the flavors of sun-ripened strawberries, sweet watermelons and cool menthol. These three flavors are excellently blended so none of them becomes overpowering. This eliquid will not taste artificial in anyway and none of its flavors get overpowering. The inhale of Delta is just as exciting as the exhale. You can taste the organic sweetness of the ripe watermelon and the ripe strawberries. The exciting taste of the chilling menthol flavor crowns it all up. The awesome taste of Delta by Alternativ has a long-lasting effect on the taste buds. Apart from its great taste, Delta by Alternativ also has a pleasant aroma and it produces massive clouds of vapor with every hit you take.