Aspire Revvo Coils


Aspire Revvo Coils delivers a new look to the coil game by developing a completely different coil that lets you get the most out of your daily vape! The Revvo Coils are shaped in a ?????stovetop????? design that allows more heat to pass across a flatter surface area, whereas traditional coils utilize a chimney type build with a bulker design. These coils are compatible with the Revvo Tank and the Skystar Revvo Kit, lay flat, and are kept in place by the weight of the tank. Clouds of flavor abound with this 0.1-0.16ohm coil, with an optimal wattage of 80-85W. Enjoy smooth clouds of premium flavor, and never worry about needing to put your clouds on hold, thanks to the revolutionary Revvo Coils by Aspire! Aspire Revvo Coils Specs ARC Coil System – Aspire Radial Coil 0.10-0.16ohm ARC Coil – rated for 50-100W Horizontal Orientation Increased Coil Surface Area – Greater Flavor and Vapor Recommended Wattage (80-85W) WARNING: This is an advanced user item. Use at your own risk! Please ensure that proper precautions are taken when using such devices. Please read and make sure you understand the users manual before use.