BANTAM Strawberry Limeade Ejuice


About BANTAM Strawberry Limeade Ejuice Are you looking for a vape sensation that is sweet and indulgent? Or something that??????s zesty, cool, crisp and refreshing? Or, are you bold enough to ask for both? If you want to combine sweet and juicy strawberry flavors with a lively and refreshing citrus seltzer fizz, you need Bantam??????s Strawberry Limeade vape juice in your life! Enjoy the flavorsome combination of sun ripened strawberries combined with the sweet yet sharp tang of fresh lime combined for a citrusy soda sensation that will delight all vapers. Whether you??????re looking for a fun flavor to enjoy with friends or a tasty way to liven up your downtime at work, Strawberry Limeade is the taste that brings your senses to life and simultaneously indulges and refreshes your palette. BANTAM Strawberry Limeade Ejuice Details Brand: BANTAM Type: Ejuice Bottle Size: 60ml Ratio: MAX VG Flavor: Fruit Bantam are respected leaders in the world of flavored vape juices. Using techniques honed from decades of flavor design and 100% traceable raw materials, you can vape with peace of mind knowing that you??????re getting the best.