BLZRD Vanilla Shake Ejuice


Vanilla Crunch Shake Ejuice by BLZRD features the classic and simple flavor of freshly blended vanilla milkshake. Fat scoops of vanilla ice cream, sweet cream, and frothy whipped cream are set before you in eliquid form to create a dessert cloud like youve never had before! Brand: BLZRD / Bottle Size: 120ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Dessert BLZRD Vanilla Shake Ejuice Description Nothing beats the classics, and today we bring you that fine classic flavor of a freshly blended vanilla milkshake! Imported vanilla from Madagascar are scraped clean of the vanilla bean in each stalk and are dumped into a blender. Smooth and creamy milk is poured into the blender, adding a thick and creamy goodness that will have your taste buds singing. Finally, we add in several generous scoops of vanilla ice cream, melting slightly into a puddle of delicious goodness. The blenders mixing button is pressed and the ingredients jump to life as the blender does its job and thoroughly fuses everything together. After a few seconds, the thick and creamy milkshake is ready to be poured! Thick and creamy vanilla milkshake goodness plops out of the blender and into a readily waiting glass. A thick stream of freshly whipped cream is squirted on, adding even more luscious creaminess to the shake. A few vanilla beans are sprinkled on as a garnish, and your favorite dessert treat is ready! Grab your spoon and dig into the freshly blended goodness of a creamy vanilla milkshake. “Dont mess with perfection” is how the adage goes and we couldnt agree more! Enjoy a thick and sweet cloud of freshly blended vanilla milkshake goodness, thanks to Vanilla Shake Ejuice by BLZRD!