Brew Frappe Caramel Ejuice


Frappe Caramel is an exhilarating eliquid that will appeal to vapers who enjoy coffee. This eliquid which is part of the Brew brand contains the flavor of iced coffee blended with swirls of cream, sweet caramel, and notes of honey! Brand: Brew / Bottle Size: 100ml / Ratio: 80/20 / Flavor Type: Sweets Brew Frappe Caramel Ejuice Description Frappe Caramel is a superb vape juice and one of the best coffee flavored eliquid available on the market. This eliquid has a superb taste that makes it stand out. You can vape Frappe Caramel in the morning and you can also vape it at noon or in the night. The flavor of this e-juice is delicious and is hard to get tired of vaping it. You do not get any harsh or chemical-like flavor when you vape this eliquid. Juice Roll Upz, the company behind the Brew brand is well known for its impressive eliquid blends. Like other eliquids by this company, Frappe Caramel is produced with top-notch ingredients by experienced mixers under standard conditions. Frappe Caramel makes for a pleasant vaping experience. Its inhale is just as delicious as the exhale. When you take a hit, it is the taste of the coffee flavor that fills the mouth. The cream, caramel and notes of honey come alive when you exhale. Frappe Caramel also has a rich aftertaste that stays in the mouth for a long time after you have vaped it.