Bru Juice Brunana Ejuice


A rich taste of banana paired with the sweetness of candy. This does not merely contain only banana notes, but also a variety of other savory goodness that adds up to the spice it entails. Brand: Bru Juice / Bottle Size: 60ml / Ratio: 75/25 / Flavor Type: Sweets Bru Juice Brunana Ejuice Description The Bru Juice added another product with a flavor Brunana. Yes, you read it right. The product??????s actual name is really Brunana. But there is actually a pun intended behind that. Did you notice it? Obviously, the banana! But not only that, its also mixed up with a sweet candy that will bring delight to your sweet tooth. As you continue to inhale the sweet fragrance coming from the vapor of this e juice, it will remind you of the tasty banana flavored taffy that you once consumed when you were young. It leaves a sweet taste on your lips, and you will forever seek the same indulgence you have once felt. The other e fluids in this collection are various, but Brunana is the most distinguished for being able to make banana and juice taste the same. Don??????t miss it and grab yours now!