Bubble Factory 3 Pack Ejuice Bundle


Bubble Factory 3 Pack Bundle deliver a triple threat of 100mL bottles, featuring the fresh and sticky flavor of fruits and candies in a single cloud! One bottle delivers a rush of sweet blue raspberry bubblegum; another presents the pure and juicy flavor of Italian concord grape bubblegum, and the last presents a fat and sticky square of freshly cut bubblegum, sweetened with the juice of freshly cut summer watermelon! Treat your vape taste buds to a bubble factory of fruit-flavored chewing gum and blow sweet clouds of bubblegum vapor for days! Brand: Bubble Factory / Bottle Size: 300mL (3x100ml) / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Sweets Bubble Factory 3 Pack Ejuice Bundle Description First up, we have Blue Raspberry. Sweet and ripe blue raspberries were gathered from a mad scientists backyard, each plump berry tingling with sweet and sugary fruit flavor. Next, these delicious berries were crushed thoroughly to harvest every last drop of blue raspberry juice. And finally, this flavorful berry juice was slowly mixed into a sticky mixture of liquid bubblegum! Enjoy a mouthwatering flavor of sweet and juicy blue raspberries mingled with a freshly cut square of chewy bubblegum and let your clouds roam free in that puffy cloud factory in the sky! Next, we have Grape. Take a stroll with us through these fine vineyards, where lush and ripe clusters of grapes gleam a deep purple in the heat of the summer sun. Sweet and pungent grape flavor is heavily prevalent in the very air and fills your nostrils with the fresh scent of ripe fruit. These sweet and exotic grapes are plucked at the peak of freshness and carted off to a bubblegum factory, ready to flavor your bubblegum with fresh fruit! These grapes are stomped on and smashed into a deep royal purple juice, thick and sweet and refreshing. This dark grape juice is poured into a sticky liquid bubblegum mixture, where the dark juice stains the bubblegum a deep and delicious royal purple! And finally, we have Watermelon. Summer watermelons were harvested by the cartload, each cart carrying an enormous and swollen ripe melon, a deep emerald green on the outside but a crisp and juicy red flesh on the inside! The fat melons are hacked in half, revealing a fruit overflowing with sweet and sticky fruit juice! Each melon half is removed of the rind and gets slashed into thick chunks of fresh and sweet goodness. These chunks are pressed into a sticky pulpy watermelon mess, strained until the liquid runs pure, and then carefully stirred into a sticky liquid bubblegum! The watermelon juice colors the liquid bubblegum a light shade of pink with the heady aroma of fresh summer melons!