By The Pound Coco


Coco Ejuice by By The Pound delivers a thick slice of freshly baked marble pound cake, flavored with rich milk chocolate and decadent vanilla. Enjoy the dessert that is always ordered by the pound to keep your raving sweet tooth at bay! Creamy chocolate and sweet vanilla come together in a buttery pound cake dessert you wont want to put down! Brand: By The Pound / Bottle Size: 100ml / Ratio: 70/30 / Flavor Type: Dessert By The Pound Coco Description Treat your vape taste buds to a delicious dessert eliquid that promises to add a pound of flavor to your daily vape experience! Munch on clouds flavored with a buttery marble pound cake, swirled with rich chocolate and creamy vanilla for a dessert experience like no other! Softened butter, pure cane sugar, farm fresh cream, exotic Tahitian vanilla, and brown eggs are whipped together to form a thick and sweet vanilla cake batter. Melted milk chocolate is just barely swirled into the cake batter for a decadent marbled look while adding a bold taste of silky cocoa flavor! The entire dessert is poured into a greased pound cake pan and whisked in the oven where it baked to a beautiful golden brown! The soft and spongy pound cake is removed from the oven and flipped upside down onto a cooling rack, sending out sweet and mouthwatering scents throughout the kitchen. Slice open this delicious dessert and indulge in those sinfully sweet cravings for something soft, moist, and flavorful in every cloud! Take your love of dessert eliquids to the next level and stuff your face on marbled vanilla and chocolate cake-scented clouds, compliments of Coco by By The Pound!